Our staff play a vital role in ensuring the success of our business.

We have an environment based on teamwork. The occupational health and safety of all persons employed within the organisation and the worksites we service are considered to be of the utmost importance.

PME is steadfast in its ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion. PME’s commitment begins with the Directors and is reflected throughout the company. Diversity and inclusion are embodied in the company’s value of teamwork because PME understands the impact teamwork has on achieving superior business results. PME incorporates programs and practices that drive diversity and inclusion into i operations.

PME’s systemic approach provides a platform that supports sustainability objectives and helps ensure the company has the knowledge and capability to succeed.

PME’s comprehensive efforts to foster diversity & inclusion enable the company to:

  • Attract, develop, support, and retain a workforce well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Offer employees an engaging work environment that presents each person with opportunities to attain his or her  full potential.
  • Establish effective relationships with business and joint venture partners.
  • Expand opportunities for a broad range of services.
  • Have a positive impact on the quality of life through the company’s support of education, health, and human services programs in the communities where PME’s employees live and work.

PME’s continuous dedication to diversity & provides a key competitive advantage for the company’s long term success.