Procuring the right resources for your project

Getting it right with procurement stage of your construction project is the best way to maximise your return on your investment.

That’s why PME is committed to continuously improving our procurement resources and strategies, staying ahead of the game in market knowledge, and delivering volume-leveraged pricing from reputable suppliers.

At PME, we’re skilled in meeting our clients’ business objectives—and one of the most important ways we achieve these goals is ensuring efficient procurement at every stage of the project. Whether it’s recruiting the right contract workers, sourcing high-quality products at reasonable prices, or managing transportation and logistics, our procurement strategies are upheld by our professional expertise and extensive industry experience.

Solutions in procurement

PME are specialists in procurement. We’ve got the right solutions for your business, whether you’re looking for reliable skilled labour, or the right materials for your project—and at the right price. PME can help you with all of your procurement needs.

At a glance, our scope of services includes:

  • Sourcing contract workers for skilled labour across a number of industries;
  • Strategic sourcing, including accessing volume-leveraged pricing across several categories of materials, equipment and services;
  • Logistics, including material management from the point of manufacture to the job site; and
  • Managing export compliance according to applicable laws and regulations.
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Contract workers

The right labour is essential in achieving successful project outcomes: that’s why PME specialises in the supply of high-quality technical and professional talent from across a broad range of industries.

Our professionals have decades of industry experience, and have developed solid networks across many different communities in the sector. We can help you find the right workers for your project using our reliable advertising channels and alliances, and by drawing on our well-developed human resources services.

PME can bring you the skilled labourers and the technical and professional talent you need to complete their projects on time and on budget.

We can:

  • Source workers and professionals from throughout our broad, multi-industry network;
  • Source workers and advertise openings though internal advertising channels;
  • Recommend reputable external sources of labour hire appropriate for your project;
  • Provide skills assessment and training for workers; and
  • Manage workers on your project according to relevant workplace legislation and standards.

Strategic sourcing

In every construction project, containing the costs of resources is vital if all stakeholders are to see a return on their investment. Because construction projects always involve the consumption of enormous amounts of materials, equipment, and services, being able to leverage prices is a valuable skill.

PME’s product directors are highly knowledgeable in their field of expertise. They achieve their clients’ objectives by leveraging prices in the specific categories of products and services that they’re assigned to, networking with suppliers and industry partners to achieve the best financial outcomes possible. This is a particularly important component of containing materials costs in construction, particularly where the prices of some products are volatile and fluctuate with changes in availability or market value.

PME’s product directors can achieve what can’t be achieved through public trade. They’re experts in strategic sourcing, helping PME retain a reputation for success—and helping businesses like yours to achieve rewarding outcomes on both small- and large-scale construction projects.

Material management and logistics

With increased globalisation and better communication, most new construction projects rely at least partially on globally sourced materials and equipment. For many project managers, this extra complexity is a challenge that impacts on the project’s budget and schedule. But at PME, we approach these projects with our invaluable experience and resources, using our well-established network of global alliances and sophisticated management skills to smooth and streamline the movement of resources from start to finish.

At PME, we take care of:

  • Measurement and specifications for materials;
  • Procuring and purchasing materials from reputable suppliers at competitive prices;
  • Transport and delivery of supplies to the job site;
  • Storing and managing materials before use; and
  • Using materials in the project and removing waste from the site.

At PME, it’s clear skies and smooth sailing, because we understand the technical and logistical side of managing construction materials. Whether it’s navigating the benefits, limitations and unique requirements of different transport modalities, storing and managing hazardous materials, or procuring the best resources, we’re experts in delivering a seamless transition from the point of fabrication to the project site. Our project managers are known for their professional expertise in containing the timelines and budgets of even large-scale construction projects, and can help businesses like yours maximise their investment returns without the headache.

Export compliance

At PME, we understand that we’re all part of a global society. We know that moving forward in construction keeping abreast of the necessary laws and regulations governing import and export, and learning to better manage our obligations and compliance to ensure smooth trade and communication. That’s why we adhere to industry best practices, adapting and refining our processes as laws and regulations evolve, so we can deliver the right advice and management to our procurement and logistics teams.

Compliance regulations are an important component in most construction projects today. They’re even more important in developing regions, where stakeholders are shouldering more financial risk in their projects. At PME, we’re ahead of the pack: because we’re always up to date with legal and industry changes, we’re well positioned to foresee and manage compliance issues whenever they arise. Whether it’s adhering to import and export regulations when sourcing the right materials for the project, or managing contract workers’ remuneration and work eligibility, PME will ensure your project is operating smoothly and above board at all times. PME’s procurement team is supported by nearly 50 years of experience in the industry: with a commitment to upholding current legislation and the industry’s best practices, and a vast network of alliances, we’re PNG’s construction professionals.