Finding the right crew for your project

The success of your construction project depends on the labour and skill of trained professionals.

That’s why PME sources and delivers only the best personnel to build well-functioning teams, attracting the most talented and reliable workers in the industry. Whatever the size and scope of your project, PME can find you the right skilled labour to bring it to completion on time and on budget.

Solutions for crew hire

PME are specialists in human resources, with over forty years of experience in crew management. We’ve got the right workers for your project, and we can draw support from across many industries in our wide network of professional and experienced personnel.

PME can help you with all of your crew hire needs.

At a glance, our scope of services includes:

  • Personnel management, from single hire through to full project staffing
  • Work permit and visa support
  • Logistics and travel services
  • Personnel certifications, including standards of training
  • Customised management options, including operational, technical and administrative services


Personnel management

At PME, we’re people people. We’ve been providing labour to the construction industry since 1968, and over decades of experience we’ve developed an unmatchable suite of management services to suit both individuals and enterprises in the sector. Our success lies in understanding the unique needs of our clients and formulating the right staffing solutions to suit their businesses, whether it’s finding a single employee or an entire team for any placement.

Your business is only as good as the people keeping it running. That’s why PME is committed not only to sourcing and suppling the right labour for your project, but to ensuring your project runs smoothly. Our personnel management services begin at recruitment, but we deliver thorough training, assessment and certification services throughout your project to ensure that it finishes on time and on budget.

We’re also skilled at attracting talented staff into long term and permanent positions, supporting your business’s longevity and bottom line. By managing workers with the right support, we can supply the reliable and skilled personnel you need to fill voids at your work site, and develop the right social culture and operational systems that keep them happy in their positions for longer.

Work permit and visa support

Sometimes the people you need aren’t where you need them. That’s why PME offers comprehensive support in getting the work permits and visas you need to get the right people working on your project.

Navigating the immigration system can be complex. But at PME, we’ve got decades of experience in helping people and business to establish mutually beneficial working relationships, and in providing the right support and information to make the system fair and equitable for all parties.

At PME, we understand your rights and obligations as a sponsor and employer. We can help you through the process of international recruitment so that your business is compliant and protected at all times. We can also help you manage your new staff when you’ve secured them—whether you’re headhunting single individuals or recruiting teams to complete a large-scale project—so they’re comfortably settled and professionally trained and ready to bring your project to a successful end. 

Logistics and travel services

At PME, we’re skilled in finding you the right people for your jobs. And because our network of alliances is so vast, we can help you reach them from wherever they’re based and get them quickly and safely to the worksite to start in their new position.

At PME, we’ve been refining and expanding our logistics network over decades of communication, and through fast-developing advances in technology. Our professional team can help you and your new crews to access the best and fastest travel routes and modes available, helping you to smooth the transition for your workers and conserve your business’s valuable time and resources.

With our sophisticated communication channels and broad network of industry partners, PME’s logistics and travel services professionals work efficiently within the standards governing domestic labour hire and international work permits. We can take the headache out of bringing your workers to your site, before assisting them with comprehensive training and support services to help them settle in and perform well in their new roles.

Personnel certifications

At PME, customisable crew hire doesn’t just involve finding candidates and matching their credentials for labour jobs. We draw from our extensive network to find the right people from across the oil and gas, mining and construction industries—but our job isn’t done until we’ve made sure they’re fully qualified, trained, and certified to work on your business’s project.

PME’s expert HR team uses a systematic and rigorous set of methods to attract, recruit, and assess the suitability of every candidate. Once we’ve found the right people for the job, we provide comprehensive training, assessment and certification to ensure they’ll continue to meet the stringent industry standards for competence and safety. At PME, we’re committed to upholding the highest professional standards in the industry: with specialist human resources and management teams, we can give your personnel the support and guidance they need to perform well, and give your business the certification it needs to stay secure.

Customised management options

PME doesn’t just support your business on paper. We assess the unique needs of your workplace and operations, and customise our management services to give you the options you need to stay safe and functional.

We offer a range of customisable management options, including:

  • Onsite support: we understand that informed advice sometimes means assessing a situation in person. When you or your workers need help, assessment or advice, we’re there for you when you need us—ready to give face to face help at your business’s worksite.
  • Technical support: whether you need advice over the phone, or a skilled technician to attend, PME offers professional technical support that’s easy to access when you need it. Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, our experienced staff are available to keep your business safe and efficient.
  • Administrative services: as management professionals, we’re adept at all the housekeeping tasks that keep a business operating smoothly. Whether it’s streamlining the day to day obligations of the business, or managing important components of a project, PME’s skilled administrators can keep your work flowing.

Whether you’re launching a major project and looking for skilled work crews, or you’re an individual looking for labour hire, contact PME for more information on our crew hire services and we’ll be happy to customise our labour management options to suit your needs.