When machinery is in constant use, it’s important to choose the right models for the job and to perform regular services and adjustments to maintain peak efficiency.

This is especially important for generators: they’re an incredibly important back up power supply, keeping your building and your business operational in an emergency. That’s why PME offers comprehensive generator sales and servicing: we can source and fit the right generators for your building, and schedule regular servicing to ensure that they’re in good working order at all times.

Solutions for generators

PME are experts in engineering. We’ve got the right generators for your business, whether you need advice or installation, or service and repair, so you be assured that your business is powered, operational, and safe at all times.

PME can help you with all of your generator needs. At a glance, our scope of services includes:

  • Planning and design for your building
  • Sourcing the right models for your application
  • Installation and engineering of your generators
  • Scheduled preventative servicing
  • Repairs and replacement of worn components
High Voltage Generator
Diesel Generator


Choosing the right generator

There’s a lot involved in choosing and fitting the right generator for your building and business type. PME’s skilled engineers can assess your needs and determine the right generator for you. Our technicians provide a comprehensive service, including:

  • Identifying and documenting the load: determine what the generator will power, including emergency power and electrical systems that are critical to your business. As part of your compliance with building codes and legislations, each load must also be documented, proving that the right machines are installed and are ready to operate in the case of utility outages;
  • Planning and design: PME’s skilled engineers will determine the best place to install your generators, which could be either outside or inside. There are pros and cons to either, and the decision should be made according to the needs of each facility. They will consider aesthetic issues like visibility, weather patterns in your region, functional issues like noise and vibration, and climate issues where heating and cooling will affect the machine:
  • Choosing the right fuel source: this is determined by the generator’s size and the area’s seismic classification. Different generators can be powered with different fuel sources, including diesel or natural gas, which have different financial impacts on the facility. PME’s engineers will consider the costs (which differ between regions) and sustainability issues of different fuel types to determine which will be the most economical solution for your business and building;
  • Compliance with codes and laws: including recommendations and regulations about where the generator is located and how it’s used. This will include considering fire ratings and sprinkler systems for generators supplying power to emergency systems; controlling the noise, vibration, and exhaust from the generator to meet the restrictions of the relevant commercial and residential zones; and performing and documenting regular testing and servicing.

Preventative service for generators

Over time, the lubricants and fuel in your generators will deteriorate. This can make it difficult for your generators to start, and cause the rubber components and hoses to become brittle and cause your machine to fail. These issues are easily corrected with routine servicing, which is why it’s important to maintain a regular servicing schedule to keep your generators in good working order.

PME’s technicians will check your generator for wear, make adjustments, and replace worn components to keep your machine functioning properly. It’s also important to schedule regular service for engines in standby applications, because they’re often used in emergency situations where they’re expected to perform properly on demand.

Regular servicing not only ensures that engines run more efficiently and economically. It also helps to prevent costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime, and the financial impact of your business grinding to a halt in a disaster or an emergency.

Scheduled servicing options for generators

To keep your generators in peak performance at all times, it’s important to choose specialists with the right skills. PME’s fully trained technicians can tailor the right service program for your building’s generators, and help you to ensure that your business is safe, operational and compliant at all times.

At PME, we take certain measures to guarantee the quality of our work. When our contractors undertake service and repairs, they use only replacement parts manufactured to the same standards and specifications as the original components in the machine. We understand the precise demands on each component in use, and how important it is to the reliability of the engine that the replacement parts perform according to the original design.

Our engineers are also specially trained in diagnostic techniques and fully trained to undertake preventative servicing. During each service visit, the engine is inspected, adjusted and checked, and oil and fuel filter elements are replaced. To ensure your compliance with building codes and industry and government legislation, we also complete detailed reports at the end of each inspection, which itemise all faults and component replacements.

Contact us anytime for more information on our service contracts and scheduled preventative servicing options for your generators, or for fast emergency services, and we’ll be happy to help keep your business running.