Solutions to the fire industry

PME specialises in developing, implementing and servicing solutions to the Fire industry.

Our scope of services includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Engineering & design
  • Service, Test & Repair Fire Extinguishers
  • Service, Test & Repair Fire Hoses & Fire Hose Reels
  • Supply all Fire & Safety Signage
  • Test / Service / Install Fire Alarm Systems
  • Test / Service / Install Sprinkler Systems
  • Hydrostatically Test Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Flow Test Hydrants & Fire Hose Reels
  • Essential Service Inspections such as Paths of Travel, Exit / Fire Doors & Egress Pathways
  • Supply and Install Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses & Fire Blankets


Fire industry

Achieving fire safety for your project

There are no compromises when it comes to fire safety. That’s why PME is committed to protecting your business with a comprehensive suite of fire services, designed to safeguard your people and your building’s compliance. Whatever the size and scope of your project, PME has the industry expertise and experience to bring it to completion in accordance with all the relevant safety standards.

Solutions for the fire industry

PME are specialists in the fire industry. We’ve got the right solutions for your business, whether you need advice and skill in development and engineering, implementation and testing, or service and repair.

PME can help you with all of your fire safety needs. At a glance, our scope of services includes:

  • Engineering and design
  • Service, test and repair of fire extinguishers
  • Service, test and repair of fire hoses and fire hose reels
  • Supply of fire and safety signage
  • Service, test and installation of fire alarm systems
  • Service, test and installation of sprinkler systems
  • Hydrostatic testing of fire hydrant systems
  • Flow-testing of hydrants and fire hose reels
  • Essential service inspections, including paths of travel, exit / fire doors and egress pathways
  • Supply and installation of fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire blankets

Fire detection and alarm systems

The first step in safeguarding your business is in fire prevention. It’s essential to the safety of the people in your commercial workplaces to have operational fire detection and alarm systems in place, that will alert them, and emergency services, of fire or smoke in time to escape. But having working systems in place isn’t just important in preventing the catastrophic consequences of unexpected fire: it’s also essential for your building’s compliance with legislation and building codes.

Fire safety is achieved on multiple fronts, and it’s important to correctly install and service multiple systems, including:

  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms: which can be either ionisation or photoelectric detectors, and any in a range of alarms that may communicate directly with local emergency services;
  • Sprinkler systems: which are activated by heat or smoke, and depending on the location and type, will disperse large volumes of water to fight the fire, making them an essential element in automatic systems;
  • Gas suppression: which are used instead of water systems in areas with water-sensitive and valuable assets, like computer labs and critical areas. The systems can use inert gases or chemical agents, depending on the needs of the site;
  • Fire hydrants: which are supported by onsite pumps, and give building occupants and emergency service personnel access to high-pressure water flow in the event of fire; and
  • Emergency lighting: which enables occupants to find a safe passage out of the building in the event of fire, via illuminated exit signs and lights that aren’t dependent on the central power system.

These systems must be serviced regularly—some every month, and some up to every six months—to ensure that they meet the safety standards of your governing bodies. It’s essential to the safety and wellbeing of your building’s occupants, as well as to the lawful operation of your business, to ensure that these systems are installed and kept in good working order by trained professionals—like those at PME.

Portable and passive equipment

For the safety of your building’s occupants, and for your compliance with fire safety standards, your building must be equipped with the correct fire-fighting equipment. PME can source, supply and install all the portable and passive fire-fighting equipment you need to supplement your fixed fire systems, including:

  • Fire extinguishers: which are available in multiple types to suit the most likely fire types to occur in any specific location. They’re portable, and designed to be used by a single person with minimal instruction to extinguish early-stage fires;
  • Fire hose reels: which are mounted on walls or in cupboards in open areas of the building, and connected to a continuous supply of water to enable building occupants to extinguish early-stage fires;
  • Fire blankets: which are made of flame-retardant material, and are often located in fire-prone areas like kitchens, for the purpose of extinguishing small fires by smothering; and
  • Fire and smoke doors: which are incorporated into the structure of the building, acting as an automatic, passive means of controlling fire and smoke by slowing or stopping the spread of fire.

Like your building’s fire detection and alarm systems, this equipment must be serviced regularly—from monthly to six-monthly—to ensure that your building meets the safety requirements of the industry and the relevant authorities. PME’s highly skilled staff are fully trained to plan, source and install the correct portable and passive fire safety equipment for your building’s needs, and to conduct the appropriate inspections and servicing you need to meet your business’s obligations.

Emergency response plans and fire safety training

While alarm systems and fire-fighting equipment are important elements of safeguarding your building against fire and other hazards, they’re only as good as the people using them. It’s just as important to ensure that the people on your business’s premises understand what to do during an emergency, and have the confidence to make the right decisions to ensure their safety—that’s why it’s your responsibility to have the right fire safety plans and training in place.

PME’s skilled professionals can assess your building to determine the right emergency response and evacuation plans for your business. We can provide you with:

  • Emergency management plans and evacuation training: including comprehensively assessing your building to tailor the right emergency management plan, and providing emergency response education and training to your building occupants;
  • Fire evacuation diagrams: including determining the correct escape routes, evacuation procedures, and assembly areas for your building, and designing and installing clear and compliant evacuation diagrams and instructions in your building;
  • Fire safety compliance audits: including annual audits of your fire systems to ensure that they’re properly maintained, that faults have been rectified, and that appropriate training and education has been conducted onsite, and lodging your certification with the relevant authorities; and
  • Fire safety advisor services: which we undertake on your behalf, as part of your responsibility to appoint a Fire Safety Advisor in buildings occupied by 30 or more people. We provide training, oversee and coordinate evacuations, conduct audits and inspections, and provide sound advice on compliance with relevant legislation and industry standards.