Port Moresby Electrical established a business in 1968 specialising in all facets of Mining, Industrial, Commercial and Major Residential installations.


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"Safety is important to us, PME has a well structured Safety Management System with our Safety Management Plan as its foundation stone. The numbers below indicate our current safety record, a score of 0 is a perfect record."

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1 November, 2018

Construction Worker Fatigue

Fighting and Preventing Construction Worker Fatigue Worker fatigue on a construction site can not only slow down production and lead to silly mistakes, but in this industry, it can be fatal. Construction sites are full of hazards already, so the risk of accidents and injuries is largely increased when fatigue is added into mix. Fatigue […]

9 October, 2018

How to Choose the Right Commercial Generator for your Business

Working in the pacific islands, particularly PNG, we’ve all learned the hard way that power and electricity are not as stable as they are in other places around the world. This means that for your business to run smoothly, on-time and on-budget, a generator can be the key to your project’s success. But choosing the […]

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