PME offer an unbeatable drain cleaning service, using a state of the art drain cleaning machine.

This machine uses high pressure water to cut though just about any blockage or just remove of build up within the pipe work, before it becomes a problem. Drain cleaning jetters are capable of unblocking long runs of pipe work and will easily go around traps, so there is no more time wasted digging holes and removing toilets to get access into the drain. It will also comfortably unblock drains as small as 40mm, up to 225mm.

Gone are the days of using the now outdated and primitive cable machines that are time consuming and limited to pipes between 65mm – 150mm. These machine will unblock some blockages, but they are very inefficient and will leave a lot of debris behind in the drain. Cable machines are not suitable to use in some places due to the long cables that protrude out of the machine, rotating at speed. With a drain cleaning jetter, there are no moving parts external of the drain, so you won’t have to worry about sewer cables spinning round, damaging walls, paint work, Flooring, lawns, pavers or Gardens while we tend to your blockage!


Cable machines

May cut through the blockage, but will not remove much of the debris and buildup from the inside of the pipe. Since the inside diameter is already reduced by layer of buildup, the line is subject to clog again.

Drain cleaning jetters

Blasts the inside surface of the pipe, not just punching through the blockage, but by washing out the debris and build up as it goes. This process leaves the inside of the pipe in very clean, close to new condition.

High pressure jetting

  • high-pressure-jetterUses high pressure jets of water (4300 PSI) to remove build-up and debris in water lines, sewer lines, storm water line, conduits and much much more.
  • Spinning streams of water blast the build-up at many different angles, breaking up the debris, washing it all away and leaving the inside surface of your pipes clean!
  • Penetrates built-up grease, soap scum, mineral, sand, sediment, scale, leafs, hair, and even roots!
  • Designed for safe use on all type of drains, conduits and water lines, yet so powerful it will cut through a 2×4 piece of timber in about 30 seconds!
  • Safe for use inside and outside of buildings. Unblocks and removes debris without doing any damage to your property…
  • Drain cleaning jetters can unblock drains anywhere up to 60m away from the machine.
  • Drain cleaning jetters are a much cleaner way of unblocking drains, as they are designed to break any debis up into small pieces and wash it down the drain. Cable machines are designed to catch the blockage up in the cable, which means that all the mess comes back out of the drain. Tell me who wants dirt, grease, toilet paper and a whole lot of other bad smelling, dirty disgusting things in their building or around their property?

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