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Four common commercial plumbing problems and solutions

Good plumbing in your workplace is essential for a smooth business operation. 

But unfortunately, most businesses suffer from routine plumbing problems including, leaks, drips, clogs, odours, cracks and more. Sometimes, the damage is minimal and other times the problem can lead to substantial costs – or even a period of shut down. 

In this article, we’re going to explore four common commercial plumbing problems and solutions – so you can maintain a professional (and sanitary) workplace without interruptions and repair costs.



1. Blocked drains

Most people don’t respect the workplace amenities as they would their own. Whether it’s flushing foreign objects down the toilet or putting scraps down the kitchen sink, block drains often occur. 

Blocked drains are not only an unprofessional look for customers, they can also cause disruptions to daily operations. What’s more, sewer smells often emanate from blocked drains – which is unpleasant to say the least. 

For minor blocks; try a plunger or pour boiling water down the drain. If the water remains backed up, try to break it up with some vinegar and baking soda. If it’s a shower drain, you may be able to remove the clog with the help of a rubber glove. For major blocks, you’ll need to call in the experts.



2. Leaky taps  

A leaking tap is one of those little annoyances that can drive you crazy. And it’s often not a big enough problem to call out a plumber – so you’ll need to find a solution yourself. 

There are typically two types of tap problems: 

  1. If the tap drips when it is turned off, it usually indicates that the washer around the jumper valve needs changing. 
  2. If the tap is turned on and water is dripping out the tap body or from the cover plate, it’s common that the O-ring needs replacing. 

Lucky it’s a simple job and there are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube available. All you need is a few supplies from your local supplies store and to follow the steps. Just remember to turn off the main water supply before you get started. 

As always if you don’t have the time or inclination, call in the experts for some assistance.



3. Water temperature/pressure problems 

There are several problems relating to water in a commercial residence. Whether it’s water temperature problems or water pressure issues – it’s never fun to deal with. 

First, water temperature. If you find you showers or taps are lacking hot water, there may be a problem with the hot water service or a faulty element within the actual tap head or pipe. No matter what, it’s wise to maintain your hot water service every six months. Why? Because sediment, rust and other funky stuff can build up and reduce efficiency. And it’s also better to maintain as replacement heaters can really sting the hip pocket. 

Another common problem is water pressure. Once again, low water pressure is usually caused by a build-up of gunk or faulty pipes. A shower, kitchen tap or toilet with low water pressure can cause interruptions and horrendous odours. 

For any issues relating to maintenance of plumbing, call in somebody with the know-how to potentially save you a lot of money in repair or replacement costs.



4. Problems with the toilet  

Here are some common problems and solutions that involve toilets: 

  • Running toilets. This issue can emanate from a failed toilet flapper. A flapper with a broken seal can cause the toilet float to fall out of level and keep the water in a toilet running mode.
  • Silent toilet leaks. Excess water leaking in the toilet bowl is a tell-tale sign of a silent toilet leak. Once again, Silent leaks are generally due to the toilet flapper seal.
  • Sewer odour. There is nothing more off-putting or unprofessional than a bad smell coming from the toilet area in your commercial premises. A sewer odour could be a sign of a leak, blocked drain or faulty pipe. 
  • Clogged toilet. A poor flush means the toilet drain is either fully or partially blocked. If a plunger doesn’t work, then try pouring some boiling water into the bowel. As a last resort call in a professional.

Try fixing a clogged toilet yourself, for all other issues, you’ll need to call an expert immediately.

The benefit of commercial plumbing maintenance 

Here are a few reasons why you need to prioritise your commercial residence’s plumbing maintenance: 

  • Eliminate interruptions due to faulty amenities
  • Maintain a professional business image with amenities in good working order 
  • Save money on replacing expensive plumbing equipment, e.g. hot water service
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