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Oil and gas projects: what’s involved and why it’s important

Oil and Gas projects - Fire services Port Moresby, PNG
It’s all in the planning

It’s impossible for a project to be successful without the right planning. Getting the right expertise and the right solutions in the initial stages of oil and gas projects is crucial if they’re going to finish on time, on budget, and according to strict regulatory standards.

Oil and gas engineers are responsible for every facet of oil and gas projects, and their work at every stage of the project life cycle—from feasibility studies to construction and plant upgrades—determines whether the project will be completed safely and correctly.

Oil and gas engineers deal with many different challenges, including:


  • High voltage
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Automation and motor control
  • Electrical services
  • Hazardous areas and materials

They’re responsible for understanding natural and man-made resources, developing and maintaining the machinery, tools, and procedures necessary and appropriate for managing these resources, and supervising these processes as they’re carried out. It’s a tall order: and it’s easy to see how dangerous and costly it could be to undertake projects in this industry without the right knowledge and experience to draw on. That’s why it’s important to choose oil and gas engineering service providers with the right experience and industry knowledge before you begin planning your project.


EPC services: managing your project

When you’re undertaking an oil and gas project, relying on a team that’s experienced in project management is invaluable. There’s a lot that goes into these projects, and it involves drawing on skills and resources from a number of different sources and disciplines and unifying them into a fully functional asset.

EPC involves engineering, procurement, and construction.

Teams that specialise in EPC undertake the careful planning and problem-solving at the engineering stages of the project that are essential for a cost-effective and efficient outcome.


They then procure all the equipment and materials to be used in the project, sourcing them from reliable partners and trusted providers where they can guarantee the quality and safety of the products at volume-leveraged pricing. With these resources, they then undertake and complete the construction phase of the product—including examining and testing the criteria necessary for certification—and deliver a safe and efficient asset to their clients.

Besides the engineering and general industry skills required to streamline processes and systems throughout the project, EPC service providers also need a good deal of market knowledge to maximise their client’s return on investment.

For the best financial outcomes on oil and gas projects, it’s important to choose EPC providers who have a successful track record and broad experience in the industry that demonstrates their ability to negotiate on their client’s behalf to achieve the best results.


Instrumentation: the heart of the project

The success of any oil and gas project depends on quality: informed and responsible planning, specialist knowledge—and equipment and resources that are reliable and appropriate.

Some of the instruments that are acquired and managed in oil and gas projects include:


  • Temperature elements, including RTDs and thermocouples
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pressure transmitters, gauges and differentials
  • Various flow transmitters, including magnetic, vortex and pitot tubes
  • pH transmitters and probes
  • Belt weighers (weightometers)
  • Solids flow transmitters and impact weighers
  • Valves and positioners
  • Speed transmitters
  • On-board weighing solutions
  • Actuators

Oil and gas engineers are responsible for choosing the right instruments and equipment for each application. It’s important that they choose only high-quality manufacturers and models—while they meet the financial restrictions of the project.

It’s a challenge, but experienced oil and gas service providers will have established strong, long-standing relationships with various suppliers, and these partnerships often yield a wide range and choice of equipment from multiple sources, who will guarantee the quality and longevity of the products.


Keeping you safe: hazardous area installation and auditing

The most important factor in oil and gas projects is safety.

Because of the hazardous nature of the industry, it’s essential to choose professional, specialist service providers who can reliably install, inspect and monitor hazardous materials and areas in order to guarantee the safety of the client’s workers, contractors, and customers.

All oil and gas service providers should have reasonable experience in inspection and compliance of electrical and other installations in potentially explosive atmospheres, and have undertaken comprehensive training in safety procedures and the correct management of the materials in their field. They should be able to guarantee the integrity of equipment and systems, and demonstrate that they are free of defects that could be hazardous.


At PME, we can offer the assurance of quality and safety that only comes from the most well-established oil and gas industry service providers. Being in business for 40 years, we’ve participated in all major marque projects in Port Moresby, and managed many rural and remote electrical construction projects throughout PNG. We offer specialist services for oil and gas pipeline projects, such as instrumentation installation and calibration, general electrical, cathodic protection and high voltage services, which we have provided on projects such as the PNG LNG.

We also offer specialist services in inspections and installations of hazardous areas in electrical areas, where we draw on our experience in mining, oil and gas, defence and military, and chemical and food industries.

Our first priority is to ensure that your business is compliant with the relevant legal and industry standards and obligations—but with our knowledge of business operations, we’re also skilled in performing our tasks with minimal interruption to yours.