Posted on November 2, 2017 in Recent News

More than pipes: why plumbing is important in your commercial construction project


Plumbing is among the most important of all the essential services in construction.

From the very beginning of your project, when the first slabs are being laid, plumbing services are an integral part of the process and a major factor in how well the job is completed.

Plumbing in construction projects is a specialist field, and there’s a lot more involved than installing fittings in wet areas.

If you don’t already know what’s involved in plumbing for construction projects, there are a few things to consider. From the earliest phases of the construction project, to ongoing maintenance and servicing, the success of your construction endeavour depends on the skill of a reputable plumbing services provider—and here’s why.

The first stages of the project

Plumbing isn’t something you can easily add in at any stage of your project. It’s often a complex network of services, and it has to be carefully planned before any work commences.

Plumbing is an essential service, and it literally forms the base of your project: before the concrete slabs are even poured, concreting team must work with a professional plumber to plan and lay out all the plumbing pipework that will service the entire building. This plan doesn’t just incorporate standard fixtures; it often also involves gas lines and appliances, and planning and installing complex fire safety systems.

This involves a lot of foresight. Project managers must plan carefully, not just for the short-term future of the business, but to accommodate future growth and change as the business expands and the building is upgraded to meet demand. Once a strategy has been decided, the pipes are laid, and the footings and floor slabs are poured; all the pipework must then be connected to the sewer system, and construction can begin on the site.

Commercial plumbing installation

Commercial plumbing is often a complex process, involving the design, planning and installation of elaborate wastewater removal and water supply systems that service large buildings like business and housing complexes. Most commercial projects involve providing plumbing services for a number of different purposes and establishments, including public bathrooms and drinking fountains, kitchen facilities for restaurants and fast food outlets, and fire hose reel and sprinkler systems.

Commercial plumbing service providers install new piping and connect it to water mains and sewage systems. But many commercial construction projects don’t start with a bare space—which means commercial plumbers are also skilled in excavating, repairing, and reconnecting old pipelines to make new systems. They also work with project managers to design and plan plumbing services specific to the operating needs of the business, which could involve installing water heaters and boilers, LPG and gas lines and appliances, and commercial wastewater systems.

One of the most important aspects of commercial plumbing installation is protecting the water supply system from contamination. This is important throughout the entire project, from laying external pipework to installing internal fixtures.

That’s why it’s essential to choose a reputable commercial plumber for commercial construction projects—one who’s familiar with the relevant health and safety laws and regulations, and can ensure that the project is compliant and the end result is safe for public use.

Commercial plumbing services

Commercial plumbers don’t just deal with regular fixtures. They also take care of some of the most important safety aspects in commercial buildings, including your fire and gas systems.

Skilled plumbing and fire specialists can help your business stay compliant with the rigorous standards of commercial building codes and law, and keep the public safe with professional installation, testing and regular maintenance of wet fire systems. They can supply and install appropriate fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, and fire hose reel systems that meet the specific requirements of the building, and provide ongoing routine testing and maintenance to ensure they’re always in good working order and ready for emergency use.

Many people don’t know that commercial plumbers also deal with gas lines and appliances.

Gas work should only be conducted by fully qualified and licenced gasfitters because it can be complex and dangerous, and there are many rules and regulations specific to it. Reputable commercial plumbers can install, maintain and repair most gas services and appliances for commercial businesses, including hot water systems, commercial stoves and cooking appliances, gas fires and heaters, and gas lines and pipes.

A professional service provider will be able to work with your project management team from the design and planning stages of your project, and provide comprehensive safety inspections and maintenance services beyond completion to ensure that the building continues to stay safe and compliant.

Ongoing commercial plumbing maintenance

For the duration of your commercial project, and the lifespan of your finished building, it’s in your business’s best interest to partner with a reputable plumbing services provider. Complications can arise at any stage of your project, so it’s important to have professional emergency plumbing services available at all times — whether it’s to deal with minor issues like leaking drains, or major events caused blocked and broken pipes and sewer lines.

Commercial plumbers are your partners well beyond the completion of your project.

It’s quite normal that, over time, your building’s plumbing systems can be affected by the build up of grease, minerals, sediment, and plant matter, and require blockage location, leak detection, and high-pressure jetting to restore their condition and function. Commercial plumbers can also repair and replace faulty or failing fixtures, and provide routine maintenance, inspection, testing, and certification for your fire and gas systems, to keep your business safe and operational at all times.

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