Generator Upgrade

Bank of PNG

Completion Date: 2017

This project involved upgrading the existing standalone generator system to a more intuitive and fuel efficient back-up power supply for the Bank of PNG. It was critical to complete this job without causing disruption to the daily operations of the bank.

This was a difficult project due to the large scope of works that needed to be completed to a high standard and on a strict schedule. With the existing generator located on the roof of the building, it was necessary to dismantle and remove it through the building after hours paying strict attention to weight tolerances for each item. Owing to our high work standards, skilled team and strong project management skills we were able to complete the scope of works safely, ahead of schedule and without disruption to our customers business processes.

The Project Scope comprised the following:
  • Dismantle and removal of 1250 KA Generator open set from the rooftop through the building.
  • Design, engineering and certification of semi-detached platform to house 3x 550 KVA generators and synchronous Switchboard..
  • Design engineering and certification of a fireproof enclosure to house a 10,000L above-ground doubled bunded fuel tank with automated fuel receiving, fuel delivery and fuel polishing systems, with HLI integration into the existing Building BMS system.
  • Removal of the existing Automatic Transfer Switch and installation of new double circuit Schneider ATS including switchboard modifications all whilst maintaining power to the building.
  • Established full HLI communications between all three generators, Building BMS, Synchronous Switchboard including loading new BMS graphic pages.
  • Design, engineer and implement new ATS software to be embedded into the existing building BMS in order to allow full manual or autonomous control of the building backup power system including automated load shedding.
Management Comments:

The management are extremely proud of all the staff involved in the successful delivery of this project whilst maintaining the high standards of safety and quality. We continually strive to improve the safety culture within the business and the successful delivery of this complex project LTI free is a testament to the commitment of our staff to these values. The completion of this project marks another successful outcome for a valued client and we look forward to delivering many more projects of this complexity and standard throughout PNG.

Services Provided:
  • 30,000 hours LTI Free achieved on this project.
  • Successful and safe management of sub-contractors allowing completion of the project on time and within budget.
  • Safe completion of various high risk activities including working at heights, 80 tonne Crane assisted lifts, Electrical Switching and Testing.
  • Successful redesign and independent certification in accordance with AS 1940 of bulk fuel storage facility.